The CHOPMARK COLLECTORS CLUB is for those who collect world coins with chop marks on them. The club publishes a newsletter for their members every three months. Members share information about the coins in their collections. Over the years, this club has assembled the largest amount of information that is available on chop marks. For information on club dues, contact Everett Jones.

September 2000. Letter from Everett R. Jones:

I thank you for your interest in our CHOPMARK COLLECTORS CLUB. We are a modest and informal group of collectors who share information about chopmarked coins through our newsletter. At the present time, I publish the newsletter every three months.

Our club was started in 1990, by myself and others who were seeking to learn more about coins with chopmarks on them. With the help of our members, we assembled the largest amount of information available on chopmarks an published this information in our early newsletters. Members shared information about the coins in their collections and with each newsletter, we all gained a little better understanding of what was available to the collector.

Frank Rose was one of our first members and was about to publish his book on this subject when we published our first newsletter. CHOPMARKS, by F.M. Rose, is a soft cover, 54 page book and is a must for the collector of these coins. The book is now out of print, but I have been informed that this book is available from Barnes & Noble (1).

The last newsletter was published in 1995 and the club was inactive until May 1999, when I resumed publishing a newsletter. We have been making an effort to locate more of our past members as well as encouraging new collectors to join us in our continuing search for more information on these interesting coins.

All past newsletters are available to new members. These newsletters total over 350 pages of information for the serious collector of chopmarked coins. With our past newsletters and the book by Frank Rose (2), a new member will have the largest amount of information available on this subject. The cost of all past newsletters is $20.00, which includes postage.

Membership is $10.00 for those who join. New members will receive all past newsletters since 1999 and all future newsletters. At the present time, we will not have yearly dues, as we will use members donations to pay for our only expense, the newsletter. Make check payable to Everett R. Jones.

Looking forward to adding your name to our mailing list.

Everett R. Jones
1974 Gotham Street
Chula Vista, CA 91913
E-mail: notes:

(1) You can also check Numismatics International, they list this book on his NI Publications page. This book can also be available from Scott Semans and it's also frequently listed on Ebay.

(2) ... and this web!!!

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